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Welcome to my blog!

This is a collection my articles, some published, others not. I have written for national daily as well as student paper. This blog also includes articles from my early student days to the present. I hope this will show my evolution as  a writer and someone aspiring to be a journalist, as well as my development as a thinker.

Please follow if you are on WordPress. Feel free to comment, like, and most importantly, share my posts. As a young and aspiring writer, every sign of support is invaluable to me.

All views on this blog are my own.

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7 thoughts on “Message to visitors

  1. Thank you for following ZimmerBitch. I’m impressed by your blog; very well-written and argued and informative on issues about which I confess ignorance, but interest.


  2. You are very intelligent and your thoughts are interesting and provocative. Somehow I’d like to hear a voice of someone from HK of what they think of Beijings aggressive stance to its neighbors, including Taiwan and HK. Keep it up!


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