What One Nation Labour really means to Ed Miliband

I don’t necessarily think this is a good write-up. But at least I got one thing right. “One Nation Labour is just an empty rhetoric and a policy vacuum. There’s nothing wrong with that though. Remember Green Conservatism? You know, David Cameron hugging a Husky in the North Pole? No you don’t. Well, he became Prime Minister. Ed Miliband can do the same, and One Nation will be his Husky, forever left behind in his North Pole – Labour Conference, Manchester, 2012.” – Me, 2012.

Cut to the Chase - Noah Sin's Blog

Published in print in the QMessenger in October 2012.
One year ago, Ed Miliband presented his second conference speech as party leader. Frankly, it was a display of presentation idiocy, and no much attention was paid. This year, in Manchester, the same criticism cannot be leveled at him. No notes, no platform or podium to hide behind from, no more geeky gestures and shaky footstep, Ed Miliband left the stage as a confident leader and left his audience with one big idea – One Nation.
Described as “a stroke of genius” that revealed “an unashamed egalitarian to the core of his being” by Polly Toynbee of the guardian and praised by other political commentators, Ed Miliband’s speech was well received by the public and endorsed by the Progressive left with excitement. But what really lies behind his grand slogan?
No more New Labour?
He broke away from New Labour. “I…

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